The artist wearing one of her headdresses.

The Plumed Serpent Headdresses are designed by Seattle/LA artist Daniella White. A Washington native, she was raised on an island in the Pacific Northwest. When her woodsy upbringing met the wild solar creativity of LA, she became inspired to create the headdresses she had been painting and drawing for so long. Her muse comes from the natural world, the feminine form, mythology, music, tribal shamanism, and mysticism.

Daniella primarily uses eclectic textiles, jewelry and decorative elements from around the world, as well as natural elements such as horns, porcupine quills and vintage fur. She creates headdresses meant to serve as activators that help you access your inner beauty and freedom of expression, and connection to your higher self.

When your wear a Plumed Serpent headdress you become a living work of art.